Skill-Building Activities

There are many activities parents, educators, and child care providers can do with 3- to 5-year-old children to support early literacy development. Regardless of screening tool results, these activities will help to foster continued growth in the area of early learning and literacy.

Activity Cards

These sets of 36 Get Ready to Read! activity cards support the building of literacy skills everyday.

We also have a set of supplemental materials to ensure parents have all the tools they need to use the primary activity cards at home.

Animated Online Games

Come along with Inky the Octopus and Gus the Bunny from PBS' Between the Lions on their underwater adventures. These games involve young children in entertaining stories and engaging activities while building a variety of essential early literacy skills.
  • Chapter 1: Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure
  • Chapter 2: Rhyme Time
  • Chapter 3: Wild Word Round Up


Early Learning & Childhood Basics

Check out the Early Literacy, Early Math, and Early Childhood  article collections for additional ideas and tips for supporting your child’s early learning.

Suggested Tip!

Double the Fun!

Early childhood books not only tell great stories, they also build explicit literacy skills. Sing, rhyme, and stretch out the learning experience by looking for books that explore early literacy skills.
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Immediate Spike

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