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activity-cardsThe 36 Get Ready to Read! skill-building activity cards are fun, engaging, child-friendly early literacy activities to try with 3- to 5-year-old children. They’ll give you new ideas for bringing literacy activities into your classroom, home, and daily routine. The cards were created with both parents and educators in mind, and they’re free and easy to print.

Use a child’s score on the Get Ready to Read! screening tool to help you decide whether to start with “beginning” activities, “making progress” activities, or “ready to read” activities, or you can just use your knowledge of your child’s skills. The activities are organized by skill level and type of skill – in the areas of print knowledge, emergent writing, and linguistic awareness. Each activity card states which specific skill the activity addresses.

These 36 skill-building activity cards are designed for use with an individual child. Print all the cards as a set or pick individual activities. You may also choose activities based on the child’s skill level.

Print all 36 individual activity cards. (There will be two activity cards per page.)

Print individual activity cards, based on skill level.

Beginning” cards are for children who are just beginning to develop the skills needed to learn to read and write. This set includes:

  • Print Knowledge: My Favorite Book , My Name Has Letters, The Reading Puppet, Making a Menu*
  • Emergent Writing: Walk On a Letter, Draw to the Music, Tell About Your Picture, Draw Your Day, I Can Write Letters
  • Linguistic Awareness: How Many Words?, Match that Sound, Be an Expert Listener, Find the Rhymes*

Download Beginning Cards

Making Progress” cards are for children who have mastered some of the skills needed to learn to read and write

  • Print Knowledge: Name Memory, Fishing for Letters*, Find a Word*, Word Puzzles
  • Emergent Writing: Clay Letters*, Build Your Name, Trace Your Name, Sequence Story, Copy a Card*
  • Linguistic Awareness: Jump for a Rhyme*, Rhyme-Out*, Be a Word, Mystery Sound*, Find the Compound Words*

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Ready to Read” cards are for children who have mastered many of the necessary skills to needed to learn to read and write.

  • Print Knowledge: Word Jump, My Word Box, Letter Memory, Pick a Letter
  • Emergent Writing: Send a Message, Guess What's Inside
  • Linguistic Awareness: Stretched-Out Story, First Sound Sort*, What Word is Left?*

Download Ready to Read Cards

Supplemental materials are available for cards with an *.

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Early childhood books not only tell great stories, they also build explicit literacy skills. Sing, rhyme, and stretch out the learning experience by looking for books that explore early literacy skills.
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