Supportive Materials for Educators
Supportive Materials for Educators

Whether you’re getting ready to use the Get Ready to Read! screening tool or you’re looking for literacy skill-building activities to use in your classroom or child care facility, the following materials are designed to support your next steps.

Webcast: Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool for Teachers
This webcast provides guidance on using our early literacy screening tool, with instructions on screening and evaluating results. Instructional activities and resources are also included. (Each webcast is about 10 minutes long).

Activity Cards
These sets of 36 Get Ready to Read! activity cards will bring fun literacy activities into the classroom.

We also have 12 supplemental resources to use with the activity cards that include downloadable word lists, pictures, and other resources to ensure educators have all the tools they need to use the activity cards in the classroom.

Activity Charts
These charts will help you track activities in three skill areas:

Literacy Checklists
Your classroom or family child care program will provide children with some of their first experiences with books and reading. These checklists will help you make sure your classroom or home is literacy-ready.

Early Literacy Webinars
This series of three webinars is based on the Stern Center's “Building Blocks for Literacy®” program. Created for early childhood teachers and child care providers, they discuss shared book reading, phonological awareness, and the speech-to-print connection. Each Webinar lasts about 90 minutes. View the webinars.

Suggested Tip!

Be Ready for Reading

Bring a book to your child’s next doctor’s appointment to ease the wait.  And, leave a book where you keep your reusable shopping bags to make the shopping cart a rolling reading room